About Pullman Elementary

Pullman Elementary School is a Pre-K-5 level building located at 1260 Selby Avenue, just off of Pullman Ave in St. Paul Park, Minnesota. It is one of fifteen elementary schools in the South Washington County School District.

Pullman Elementary serves approximately 400 students in grades Pre- K- 5. The Pullman staff consists of over 60 caring adults.  Pullman is a 1:1 school, meaning that each students has his or her own ipad to use for learning, we have a strong Title 1 program,  as well as an Early Childhood pre-school program.  Pullman celebrates the fact that it is a true neighborhood school.

Pullman student schedules are on a 5 day rotation.  During those 5 days each student grades 1-5 will receive 4 classes of Physical Education, 2 classes of Music, 2 classes of Media, and 1 hour of Art.  Additional opportunities for students at Pullman now include band, orchestra, choir, student council, patrols, as well as academic programs and enrichment such as Targeted Services, Academic Triathlon, and the Battle of the Books.

At Pullman Elementary we are committed to building self-esteem, enhancing creativity and individuality, and building a community of life-long learners. In cooperation with parents, the staff establishes high expectations for all students as the standard and strives for a nurturing environment where our students have the opportunity to become productive, knowledgeable and responsible citizens.